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  • Adoptions Every Saturday, 12pm – 4pm

Adopt a New Furry Family Member

The animals that come through Kind In The Making have been lovingly rehabilitated from difficult and heartbreaking situations.

The New Adoption Standard

Our goal is to set the standard for how animal adoptions should be – Ethical, Thoughtful, and Thorough. We are talking about lives – and their lives matter. Whom we entrust to love and care for them matters, and we don’t take the privilege of being their voice lightly.

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Our Rehabilitation to Adoption Process

The animals in our care have been through their own journey, which oftentimes is a heartbreaking one. However, once they join our program, their journey of abuse and neglect ends. And it becomes one of hope, love, and connection. Each animal that comes through our door has a story to tell, and we are grateful to be part of it.

Their story with us starts at intake with one of our veterinarians and our cohort of students. After two weeks of some time and space to decompress, they join one of our playrooms where they get to socialize with other animals and receive all the TLC our young students can provide.

Sometimes that looks like cuddling up on a couch while being read a Junie B. Jones or Dog Man book, or maybe it’s learning new tricks and commands. Perhaps it’s being brushed, bathed, and fed, or rolling around in the grass together.

Whatever it is, the animals in our care are shown the love and attention they may have never experienced, and while they learn to trust and feel safe, our students see first hand how their kindness, time, and love changes a life.

Talk. About. Powerful.

Adopt from Kind In The Making

We believe there is a perfect home for each and every animal who needs one, and it is our mission, and our obligation, to ensure that the animals in our care get their happily ever afters.

Below, you will find photos of the amazing animals who currently call Kind In The Making home. If one speaks to you, and you find yourself wanting to learn more, we encourage you to visit during adoption Saturdays between the hours of 12pm and 4pm.

Kid Jumping

Adoption Process

  • 1

    Visit Kind In The Making any Saturday between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

  • 2

    Where you can meet and spend time with our animals to explore a potential match.

  • 3

    Now that you have met your match, please fill out an adoption application HERE.

  • 4

    Our adoption advisor will then reach out on Tuesday’s to discuss your application.

  • 5

    We can typically finalize the adoption the same day, but this is dependent upon how long it takes to work through the application. All information provided via application WILL BE VERIFIED.

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One last tip – If you don’t find a match the day you visit Kind In The Making, check back the following weekend! As we will constantly be adding new animals to our program, you are sure to find a new family member soon.

Adoption Fees


Puppies under 6 months: *Varies $250 – $700
Puppies 6 months – 1 year: *Varies $200 – $500
Dogs older than 1 year: *Varies $150 – $300
Seniors (8+ yrs): $100


Kittens under 6 months: $150
Kittens 6 months – 1 year: $100
Cats older than 1 year: $75
Seniors (10+ yrs): $50


Bunnies $75
Hamsters/gerbils/mice/guinea pigs $50

*We offer a 10% discount when adopting 2 pets.

*We do reserve the right to decline any application we feel is not in the best interest of the animal or family members. Remember, our goal is to find permanency for the animals in our care where they can thrive alongside their new family. We will not compromise on that.*

Thank you for understanding!

Animals that Need Homes

Current Animals Up for adoption.

(Personal Profiles coming soon!)