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Preschool Partnerships

When preschools partner with Kind In The Making children win. They’ll experience quality time with the animals in our care, learn from our dedicated team, and most importantly, grow in empathy.

  • Available for Preschool and Childcare Organizations

What Preschoolers Learn at Kind In The Making

Young children ages 3 – 5 will learn about how the shelter works, how animals are rehabilitated, cared for, and trained. This is accomplished though a variety of fun, hands-on activities!

  • Safe Animal Handling

  • Animal Care

  • Obedience & Training
  • Animal Shelter Practices

  • Rehabilitation
  • Animal Health

  • Animal Nutrition

Kid Jumping

Children + Animals = Love

It’s never too early to start teaching empathy, and in fact, the earlier we start modeling kind and compassionate behavior, the better chances our children have of attaining those qualities.

Children have a natural affinity for animals, so it only makes sense that we foster that genuine and wholesome curiosity by offering as many opportunities for them to get involved with caring for another living being.


Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, we are partnering with 40 preschool classrooms, and serving upwards of 1200 children ages 3-6 years old.

These are 10 monthly visits for the entirety of the school year (August – May) that allow young children the opportunity to connect with, care for, learn about, and love on the animals in our care!

The cost for this is just $10 per child, per month. What children receive in return truly is immeasurable and priceless – a foundation for compassion, and a lifelong connection with animals and others

Connect Your School with Kind in the Making

If this sounds like a partnership you would love to see with your child’s child care center or preschool, please email us at We would be happy to chat with your child’s school!

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