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After School Care

This is truly the heart of our program – an opportunity for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade to participate in real life animal rescue and rehabilitation. This program is setting the tone for quality, hands-on humane education, and will give your children the foundation they need to become compassionate and caring adults.

We currently serve students from the following elementary school:

  • Ehrhardt School


From School Release – 6 p.m.

  • Refundable $300 Deposit Due Upon Enrollment
  • Annual, Non-Refundable $150 Material Fee

We believe quality after school care should be affordable and impactful.

What Children Learn at the Kind In The Making After School Program

Young children ages 5 – 11 will participate in animal rescue, rehabilitation, training and care. This is accomplished though a variety of fun, hands-on activities!

  • Safe Animal Handling

  • Animal Care

  • Obedience & Training
  • Animal Shelter Practices

  • Rehabilitation
  • Animal Health

  • Animal Nutrition

Boy and Dog

Children will help and learn through each step of our process.



Woman hugging dog

Our leadership team takes weekly trips to county shelters to help pull animals who are a good fit for our program. These animals are often neglected and/or abused, and often need a lot of medical attention, patience, and TLC, but overall have a good demeanor and prognosis for being highly adoptable after going through our program.


Checkup and Plan

child with cat in animal rescue

Upon arrival at KITM, each animal goes through intake with our veterinarians. Children participate in each animal exam, while our veterinarians explain what they are looking for & any findings, and children get to observe any medical care that is given, and help the doctors come up with a health plan moving forward.



Texas family with newly adopted dog

After a rehabilitating stay at Kind in the Making, our animals are ready for a new home!

Children are able to create adoption cards for our animals, write bios for them for our website, participate in photography of our animals, and create gifts for their future adopters.

We have graduation parties for them, and they’re adopted at one of our weekend adoptions.

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In addition to participating in rescue and caring for dogs, cats, and small animals, our students also have the opportunity to spend time with our 4 mini ponies, goats, and pigs on our 5 acres, as well as contribute to our garden, and play on our playgrounds.